Ty_Bishop_Painting2017_1_2 (1).jpg

Artist Statement for Ty Bishop

In my work, I search for wholeness in a world seemingly disintegrated. The pursuit of this is summed up in the question, “how do the ephemeral and eternal relate?” By exploring this question, I seek to visually create a conversation between these two realties and create a new reality of wholeness. 
    My process to make these paintings has been informed by improv jazz musicians. To create abstract oil paintings, I reference imagery of nature taken from original photographs. I use each image as if it were a musical scale and improvise from the form and gesture. My color palette is based on these and I often add my own colors as an emotional response. At times, I even break away from the images and rely on the memory of them.  
        Choosing imagery to make paintings is a significant part of my process. Photographs of nature with a sense of place are often the inspiration of my oil paintings. These images are taken from my phone and are chosen by the memories I have of this location. I then digitally manipulate the image to so that it is broken up into tiny black and white shapes. I relate this process to early American artists like Fredrick Church who would create his sublime landscape paintings based on his sketches of nature. I use these images as basis for my mark making. The goal of this process is for the images, which are taken from different sources, to come together in a meaningful and harmonious way, combing the eternal aspects of nature and ephemeral movements of my body.